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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Tearfund Cafe Gig Sketches 2013

Daughters of David were the Tearfund Cafe house band (sorry I can't find a link?), so there is more sketches of them because we saw them a couple of times. There's also sketches of Trinity from the Netherlands (they know how to get a room dancing).  Then gospel group Divine Divine from London.

I was also working on the comic while I was away, so I have some stuff to post about that in the week.

Mikayla and Melissa from Music For Sleeping Children by Boom Bip & Charlie White

Comic playlist song! Zines In Space is about 2 best friends, so some of the songs on the playlists are on the theme of friendship. Music For Sleeping Children is a music video project which starts with recordings of interviews with teenagers.

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