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Monday, 26 October 2015

London MCM Comic Con October 2015

Thank you so much to everyone who bought comics or merch from my table at London MCM Comic Con! I had a really great weekend chatting to people who stopped by. Someone finally explained why Rick and Morty fans shout ‘SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!‘ when I tell them about Giant Rhinos In Space.

I took some cosplay photos and posted them on my personal tumblr blog.

I have 2 conventions left this season - I’ll be on a half table in the Royal Amouries Hall at Thought Bubble (sorry I wont be able to display the folder of original illustrations and comics pages, but message me if you’d really love to buy one and I’ll bring it along - individually priced £10-£30). The week after I will have a full table in the Comic Village at Birmingham MCM Comic Con. I will have some copies of Radio On Broadcast #2 and hopefully some new Misc Fits pin badge sets and a choice of Giant Rhinos In Space drumstick designs. There will also be FREE MINI COMICS to hand out.

Don’t forget I have an online Etsy shop if you can’t get to Leeds or Birmingham.
Thanks again!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Leamington Comic Con 2015

Thank you to everyone at Leamington Comic Con yesterday! The show was busier than I was expecting and I had a great time chatting about Barreleye fish and music zines.

Sorry about being away from the table towards the end of the day - I was filling in for Matthew Craig on a small press panel with Rees Finlay, Stu Perrins and Neil Sambrook with questions from Olly MacNamee.

My next event will be London MCM Comic Con. You’ll be able to find table CG11 in the Comic Village. Maps will be available in the show guide at the event or online. (I’ll tweet some directions on Friday morning @ sammyborras  ) I will be taking all the stock in the photos, plus a folder of original ink drawings and hopefully some brand new group anthologies and badges if they arrive in time. There will be plenty of FREE MINI COMICS to hand out - the secret password is ‘do you have a business card?’ and I will hand you a little comic instead!

My table neighbours at MCM will be Ryuuza/Giuseppa Barresi, creator of the Farsight & Soulsnatchers comics - she does great portrait commissions at conventions! I will also be next to Tomb Bomb comics who are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for the Horror Anthology, Bomb Scares, which ends in the next couple of days.

If you can’t get to London I have a list of events in the sidebar and a Etsy shop for online orders.
Thanks! See you there!

Monday, 12 October 2015

Giant Rhinos Drumsticks and New Plectrum Designs

I’d like to say a quick thank you to everyone who bought my comics from the small press table at Caption over the weekend. I had a brilliant time at the event and I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved with organisation and all the panels and workshops.

I’ve printed some brand new Giant Rhinos fictional cartoon band merchandise in time to take to London MCM Comic Con next weekend!

I had some drumsticks printed for the first time. They are 5A American Hickory Drumsticks. I asked some musical friends and 5A are good sticks for beginners because they are in the middle of the scale and are good all rounders. (There was some debate over 5B sticks, but unfortunately I could only afford one type to start with, but if they are popular enough I might be able to expand and design more)

I’ve also printed new plectrum designs. The Giant Rhinos plectrums are GLOW IN THE DARK - Ooooo. So if you drop your plectrum and can’t see where it landed, you can just turn off the lights! (Black Like My Heart plectrums are also now available slightly thicker at 0.81)

You’ll be able to find my table at London MCM Comic Con in the Comic Village at table CG11. A map hasn’t been published online yet - but look out for row G and I will try my best to tweet better directions when I get to the show on the Friday morning. (@ sammyborras )

If you can’t get to London - I have a online Etsy shop and more events are listed in the blog sidebar.

Don’t forget I will have FREE MINI COMICS to give to people at every event this term. If I’m too busy chatting and miss handing you one - the secret password is ‘Do you have a business card?’ ... and I will hand you a little comic instead (because we all know mini comics are x8 better than a plain old business card)

Monday, 5 October 2015

Bristol Comic and Zine Fair 2015

Thank you to everyone who came by at the Bristol Comic & Zine Fair yesterday. I had a lovely time sat next to Mair Thomas and Hamish Steele.

The next event will be London MCM Comic Con at the end of October. I was hoping to share the table with Sarah Fogg but unfortunately she needs to take a break from conventions this term. I’ve missed Sarah a lot when I’ve been at events on my own - so I’m hoping she’ll be back doing small press stuff again next year. You should definitely follow her beautiful diverse inktober pictures over on her tumblr. You’ll be able to find the table in the Comic Village (table numbers will be announced nearer the date and maps are usually in the convention guide which you can find at the show or online)

Updated autumn events:

Thank you to everyone at Laydeez Do Comics Birmingham on Thursday night. It’s always great to get a chance to chat to local comics creators. I did a presentation about the Misc Fits creation process. I'm going to post the slides online over the next couple of weeks. 

LDC Birmingham will be hosting presentations at Caption at Fargo Village in Coventry next weekend - 10am-6pm on Saturday 10th and 11am-4pm on Sunday 11th October 2015. You may have heard of Caption before, it’s an event which used to run in Oxford and I’m looking forward to see it come to my home town. More information on their website