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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bristol SP Expo 2011 and Dummy Books

Sorry I've not updated in a while. I hit a point where I didn't want to give away any more of the story and things. I have printed some dummy books that contain the first chapter of the Giant Rhinos In Space graphic novel. I had a lot left over after the London Book Fair so I've decided to sell the 18 copies left. I am selling for exactly the printing costs and I've added a unique sketch inside each copy.

Thank you to anyone who bought a copy from the Inspired Comics table at Bristol Small Press Expo.

The comics are available from my Etsy shop and probably the next couple of events Inspired Comics have a table at.

This blog is probably going to be uploading slower than previously. It will still be the best way to keep track of the project. If you'd like to follow other projects I'm working on - I have a general portfolio blog now and also a more personal tumblr blog which updates more frequently and is full of sketches and photos.