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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Everything Everything and Ghost Poet Gig Sketches

I went to see Everything Everything play in birmingham last Friday night. The 2 support acts were great. These first sketches are of Outfit. It's very odd drawing from above, I had a good seat on the balcony.

Dutch Uncles were really great! I loved their dancing and xylophone thing (could've been a marimba or glockenspiel or something, I've not been able to find out). 

Everything Everything had very bright stage lights, so I wasn't able to draw them. 

Dutch Uncles - Flexxin

Last night I was able to see Ghostpoet play live. Mt. Wolf were the support act. There is a band member missing because I ran out of space on the page.

I regret not finishing this sketch with the rest of the band members. It was a small enough gig to see them all.

Ghostpoet - Liiines