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Monday, 19 August 2013

Digital Zine Production

I've been placing the comic pages into a In Design file as I finish them. I know it's not very hip to use software at this stage but its a really easy way to get the booklet printed ready to be photocopied.

I'm hoping to print the comics next week which is pretty exciting! I need to choose how many copies to print


Beck - Defriended

Most the songs left on the playlist are not actually very close to the theme but I picked because of how they sound or because I listened to them a lot when I was the same age as the characters. This is a new song by Beck and I was pretty disappointed when I found out that there wasn't a full album to go with it. I bought a copy of Guero back when I didn't have a large CD collection and carried a portable CD player. The disc got a dent from a chair leg and still worked fine.

But for on theme music - Today I heard that Kiran Leonard used a radiator as percussion on his album. I'm not sure if it's on the songs which you can stream on band camp at the moment, but it sounds kind of interesting. (He is also only 17. That's the same age as the aliens who are making music in my comic.)

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