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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Original Artwork and Bundle offers


Hey everyone! I’m taking my comics up to Scotland MCM Comic Con for the first time this weekend - 26th-27th September at The SECC, Glasgow

My table is CF1 in the Comic Village - so I should be on the end of one of the rows - there will be maps available online, in the show guide (click here!) and hopefully around the room. There is usually a handy ceiling banner hanging above the Comic Village and it looks like the section will be roughly in the middle of the convention hall.

I always take free mini comics to hand out at events - I have a secret password in case I get carried away chatting or the table is busy and I miss handing you one - you just need to casually ask ‘do you have a business card?’ and you’ll get given a whole comic!

I’m taking a folder of original pages and illustrations. They are individually priced ranging from £10-£30 depending on paper size and how complicated they are. I have a couple of Giant Rhinos In Space illustrations, portraits from That Music Zine and all the Misc Fits comic pages and The Sea Apple cover spread.

I’m also going to have a new bundle deal available at the show - all 3 issues of Giant Rhinos In Space plus a poster for £10 - that saves you money on comics and knocks the poster price down to £2.50 - half price! yay!

For a up to date list of events please see the blog sidebar - thanks hopefully I’ll see you there! (just in case I can’t see you there - I have a online Etsy shop)


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