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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Stella Arena 2011/2013

This is the first page from a short story comic that I am working on over the summer. It's been a lot of fun trying to improve some of the older designs I created in 2011. I decided to make this smaller project partly because I really liked the story idea and partly so I could practice drawing the aliens and their environment before starting again on the longer story.

At the end of my university course in 2011, I printed a dummy book of the first Giant Rhinos In Space chapter. This photo is a nice comparison of the changes I made recently. I think in the dummy comic their world is explained verbally in dialogue and I'm hoping the new design is a stronger visual description.

 Immunity by Jon Hopkins

I made a playlist for when I am drawing this new comic. It's over 2 hours long so I will just post some of the songs that really fit the theme of the comic the most. This song by Jon Hopkins was one of my main inspirations for writing this short story. I don't think it really is a recording of a photocopier as the beat but the song is just beautiful. When I first heard it on the radio I had to find it straight away. The vocals are provided by King Creosote and if you liked listening to the song I highly recommend their joint album Diamond Mine.

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