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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Annie and Lot 105

This is sort of a online Christmas card for everyone. Hope you have a great Christmas! The character featured is Annie, a alien from this graphic novel. She hasn't been in any comics I've published before but all the aliens in Giant Rhinos in Space are loosely based on some aliens in a comic I wrote called LATE, and you can read it all online.

Annie has her own band called Lot 105 (named after a Blur song). These are the rest of the band members (left to right), Tracy, Dan and Jack (also song title references but maybe more difficult to figure out? does anyone know?).

This is a development pencil sketch, I leveled it a bit for clarity on photoshop because I usually use a 2H pencil which is quite hard and scans pale. I was pleased with this, I managed to sketch looking at a drum kit closer than usual.

I've been drawing some of the sets for the graphic novel because they probably wont feature in the first chapter and I hope this will make the comic easier to draw when I get to scenes in these complex locations. Stella arena is supposed to be like a TV studio stage in a large indoor arena.

1 comment:

  1. Is Annie wearing Coraline's jumper? It suits her a lot.

    It would probably be cheating for me to answer the name question, since you already explained it to me... Stella Arena looks really good coloured.